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Old Monk - The Potion of Legends

Old Monk - The Potion of Legends

What is Old Monk? What is the connect that makes this brown spirit’s name and smell so familiar for every high-spirited arts college goer and bohemian Rasputin equally? ‘Old Monk’ became the expression of uproarious maudlin times for the youth of this country. Any one born before 90s (with some luck 90s kids too) relate to it as an old schoolbook story. A beverage which became the daily routine for Writers, Musicians and Artists, bringing out feelings of nostalgia for every ambitious writer turned content writer, musician turned composer and artist turned graphic designer. 

Into the prohibition era it became the illegal satisfaction and the narrow way towards prerogative freedom. Once the prohibition was over it transcended to become the tonic of everyday life.

It holds a special value for the audiophiles and artists alike. If you hadn’t attended a winter rock concert with a bottle of rum, or hadn’t performed with one then you don't have any idea of indie music scene at all.

From Bangalore’s metal concerts to Delhi's jazz Impresario’s clubs, The Monk is the unofficial liquor partner. In the parking lots, and outskirt of concert gardens, you find the youth soaking themselves into the rum.

For me it came in the time of need through my uncle’s car drinking sessions, it came to me as a legacy. When the adolescent mind was still grasping nomenclatures of English honours, old monk became a given potion. In nights before examinations, after random jamming sessions, sometimes in between the lectures and sometimes we even made poetry over the monk’s shadow. ‘Budha Sadhu’ was to be found in every dorm room of the college hostel. In fact a few love stories started with that and a lot many ended with that. Lovers came and went, freshers became the seniors but the legacy of tonic was passed on.

The English man’s drink proves to be cheaper than any other alcoholic tonic available, but it is not about that equity, it is about the connection it made with people after prohibition period. It is an intimate souvenir for any typical free minded rolling stone.