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Must Watch Dance Movies- #DefyYourCouch

Must Watch Dance Movies- #DefyYourCouch

Dance saves your life, body and sanity. You have a body, move it! It cures the “working out is no fun” syndrome. Dance movies have taught audiences valuable lessons like "follow your dreams" and "express yourself," while others show how competition and passion can become an obsession. With these movies, you can discover how dance can replace your physical and psychological burdens (both chemically and emotionally) with pure joy.


In this classic '80s flick, Jennifer Beals plays Alex Owens, a steel mill worker by day and stripper by night who aspires to one day become a professional dancer.

Step Up

Channing Tatum met his wife Jenna Dewan working on this dance flick, which follows two students at a prestigious performing arts school who come from different worlds. Tatum’s breakout role showcased his impressive dance skills and the movie earned a large fan base that brought about several sequels.

Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller was one of the most celebrated films of 2010, earning five Oscar nominations including Best Picture. Natalie Portman won Best Actress for her portrayal of Nina, a perfectionist ballerina who slowly loses her sanity when her role as the Black Swan in “Swan Lake” becomes a reality.

Center Stage

The 2000 film follows a group of students attending the American Ballet Academy in New York as they struggle to make it into the competitive and grueling world of dance.

Dirty Dancing

The chemistry between aspiring dancer Baby (Jennifer Grey) and her hunky instructor Johnny (Patrick Swayze) made this iconic '80s flick a sensational dance movie and a classic romance. Not only was the film a box office success, but also the epic ending dance routine is one of the most famous dance scenes of all time.


Kevin Bacon starred in the original '80s movie as a city kid starting trouble in a small town that outlawed dancing. Bacon really lets loose in one legendary dance scene, which required five body doubles for his character to leap and flip in an abandoned warehouse.

Bring it on

Technically it’s about cheerleaders, but the DNA of the movie is the same- rival teams; big competition; popular girls! And what is the central conflict about? Stolen dance moves. It counts!

Save The Last Dance

Before the Step Up franchise exploded, this film combined classical dancing and street dancing and started the trend of dance flicks in the 2000s. Julia Stiles stars as an aspiring ballerina who moves to the other side of town where she discovers the world of hip-hop.

The Red Shoes

In this film, a young ballerina must choose between her career and the love of her life. The stars of the film were real ballet dancers, and the film featured 53 dancers from the Royal Ballet Company in a 15-minute dance sequence.

You Got Served

Omarion and Marques Houston star as leaders of a dance crew competing in a local dance contest. Comedian Steve Harvey and hip-hop artist Lil’ Kim also appear in the film.