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Musical Insight: Lucknow

Musical Insight: Lucknow

Lucknow, the city owes its rich culture to the nawabs who were the patrons of art. The city is famous across the globe for its music, royal grandeurs, Urdu,and kebabs. The music and dance in Lucknow was something that was worth watching. The realm of fine arts has flourished during the Mughal reign and the city emerged as one of the best places to indulge in music and dance. Cultural traits and customs of lucknow go on making legends.

It is increasingly becoming one of the key spots for delivering the musical talent. There has been a devotion to music . Several music festivals and venues are taking place in this growing and buzzing place. With the music scene in Lucknow getting active, there is more novelty for rock, Bollywood and classical music lover to watch their loving artists perform live in the city.

The jewels that have taken music to another level in the recent years are Cliff Richard, Anup Jalota, Javed Akhtar, Naushad Ali, Jan Nisar Akhtar and many more. With all such talent coming out of Lucknow, it is no big surprise that it is presently being perceived as one of the front runners for music industry that can steal the heart of the nation.

The music-fest and venues that Lucknow has are eminent for portraying their unique music arts. Some of the most popular festivals include  Choral music festival, Lucknow music festival, Lucknow Mahotsava and many more. All such festivals demand immense participation with crowds filling the region to see their most loved high profile bands.

Overall, Lucknow has presented a large number of talented and unique singers and musicians over the years and is creating even more now. The talent that comes out here has incredibly influenced the music industry and there is no stopping.


Author: Athar Khan

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