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Music Video Review: Yesterdrive - Dread

Music Video Review: Yesterdrive - Dread

For a band who's influenced by The Ramones, Kings of Leon and The Strokes, Yesterdrive has been taking big strides in terms of promoting themselves. One such move is their collaboration with Brazilian based production crew 'Around The World In 80 Music Videos', making them the first band from India to do so.

ATW80 picked about four bands from India and zeroed in on was Delhi based Arunachal band -Yesterdrive for the dance based single - Dread. The track also made them the only Indian band to be shot by ATW80.

The track is all about losing one’s fears, which is combined with the ATW80’s concept of a single-shot-video. Yesterdrive decided to feature their friend Leo in the video; in order for him to shed his shy side and free dance to the track. The video was shot at the infamous - Summer House Cafe, one morning around Diwali.The video has Leo entering Summer House Cafe, taking a seat and being moved by the music, to end up dancing all around the cafe, with the last shot centering on the band setting up on stage.

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Author: Mohtashim Hashmi

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