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Music And Meditation

Music And Meditation

Music is meditation. According to Indian philosophy, it is the highest form of worship and closest to reaching the almighty. It isn’t a mere form of entertainment but a medium of invoking the deepest emotion which can fill your spirits with ecstasy.

To understand the effect of music on your senses, we reckon, you give a hearing to these sublime compositions from across the world.

 Chinese Bamboo Flute Music

Ideally, best suited for healing and relaxation, the sound produced with the magical bamboo flute made in China is mesmerizing to say the least. This track is both soothing and solemn. For it creates an aching melancholy in the heart which evokes the sensation of pain and longing within the heart.



The modern genre of classical singing in North India, khyal is deep and spiritual in its composition. It is free and flexible form, which provides a room for improvisation. Khyal is modal with single melodic line and no harmonic parts. These modes are called raga. Listen to this beautiful khyal in raag hamsadhwani by Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. It will certainly uplift you if you are feeling low.


Simply astounding, the composition reverberates and creates something sensational which is difficult to fully comprehend it in words. That's simply where music becomes meditative. Afterall, it's Mozart who has given this wonderful composition to the world. Better known as "The Requiem Mass in D minor", this composition was composed in Vienna in 1791 and left unfinished at the composer's death on December 5.

Van den Budenmayer Concerto In E Minor

This composition is taken from a polish film "The Double Life Of Veronique". The composer, Zbigniew Preisner who studied history and philosophy, also studied music on his own. His compositional style reflects traces from historic times. When you listen to this meditative composition, you are automatically disposed to a time when geniuses made and produced classic composition for it to remain immortal forever.

Celtic Music

Celtic Music is famous for their soulful melodies. Each track is distinct, drawing its inspiration from nature. The music is soothing and elevates you to the highest form of joy. It’s meditative and mystical, secretly working with your senses to heal you from all the troubles of life. It is through their powerful track that you can visually travel to the beautiful places of the world. Such is the beauty of this Celtic track. Hear it, to believe it.


One of the oldest genres of Hindustani classical music, Dhrupad is performed using pakhavaj, mridang rather than tabla.The vocalists are usually accompanied by two tanpuras, sitting closely with the percussionist at the right of the vocalist. This legendary composition by Ustad Rahim Fahimuddin Khan will make your day if you are looking for an intense meditative experience.

The spectrum of meditative form of music is diverse. We picked a handful of selections to give you the joy to meditate on music from various corners of the world. Meditate and stay blessed!