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Monica Dogra On Music, Life & Playing In Delhi

Monica Dogra On Music, Life & Playing In Delhi

She loves to write her own songs, sing & act in films. Monica Dogra is beautiful & immensely talented. In an interview, conducted by Yahavi, she spoke to us about her inspiration, her favourite artists & what keeps her content apart from music.

1. Do you think the genre of electronic rock has a bright future in India?

Judging from the trajectory of the not so distant past until now, yes, I do think it does have a brilliant future.  It certainly hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.

2. Who are your favourite upcoming musicians in India?

My favourite upcoming musician in India would be, Ox7gen for sure.  He has an incredible sound that I find very exciting. 

3. Your uncle is a Dogri folk music singer. Have you ever thought of incorporating folk music in your songs?

 I already have!  In "My Roots", by Shaa'ir and Func, there is a distinct folk beat that creates the bed of the entire track.  As far as my writing goes, I grew up studying western styles of music, I was raised speaking English in's just not that natural for me to write in languages I do not have a grasp in.  That being said, never say never.

 4. Are you planning to attend any gig soon?

 I just performed a gig in Delhi.  I'm conducting a private pop-up screening for special fans in Pune next week.  There is always something happening.  In true Indian fashion, however, nothing is planned too well in advance!

 5. How do you draw the inspiration to write songs and create your music?

 I draw inspiration from everything, from love; love lost, longing, pain, joy, psychological breakdowns.  I would say that I am a hyper-empath.  I feel more than the average person.  If I didn't write, I would probably implode.

 6. What keeps you content apart from music?

I've been finding peace in a regular meditation and yoga practice.  I also long distance run.  I think peace is within you, you just have to find a way to tap into it.

 7. What does it mean to play in Delhi for you?

I love Delhi.  Every time I play in Delhi, I meet a youth that inspires me.  I hope to continue visiting the capital.  

Rapid Fire Round

Your All Time Favourite Band or Artist - Ani Difranco and Fiona Apple

Indian Classical Music or Classic Rock, (the preferred genre of your choice) - Indian Classical Music

An Indian Band you think is doing an excellent job in India -  Pentagram

A song that continues to be an inspiration in your life -  A Whole Lotta Love

As a poet which poem has made its place in your heart? - The More Loving One - W.H. Auden (but there are so many.  I just got this tattooed on me, though...)

Your dream stage would be?  -  Robot Heart Camp in Burning Man.

Check out the song from the band Shaa'ir and Func below: