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Metal Bands to Feed Your Aggression Part II

Metal Bands to Feed Your Aggression Part II

We have yet curated another list of the most metal music from India. We bring to you the second edition of Indian Metal bands to feed your aggression.

Inner Sanctum

Formed in the early months of 2007, Inner Sanctum is one of the best bands that have emerged from India. This tech death outfit from Bangalore is the brainchild of Chintan and Michael, who already knew each others for several years. The band explores elements of technical thrash and death metal. Leads are melodic and phrasing with the accompanying riffs and aggressive drumming.


Formerly known as Moshpit, Yonsample is one of the giant acts emerging from Kolkata. The band is a pioneer of the new wave of Djent/Progressive music. They came out with their debut EP in 2014, entitled ‘Paraphernalia’ and two years down the line, came up with their debut album, Extropy, in 2016. The band has a huge fanbase all over India and has opened for Karnivool, twice!

The Down Troddence

The Down Troddence, or more popularly known as TDT, is a 6-piece Folk Metal band from Kerela. The band recorded their debut album in 2012, recorded and mastered by Keshav Dhar. The band first got their boost when they released their debut music video for their single, Shiva. The video received the Best Music Video in the IndieGo Asian Music Awards, earning more than 1lakh views. The band has also been winning a lot of competitions at various colleges.

IIIrd Sovereign

IIIrd Sovereign is a Death Metal band from Aizwal, Nagaland. During the formation years, the band was based in New Delhi, but later everyone shifted to the North East. This band is responsible for the uprise of Death Metal genre in India. Their riffs are accompanied by carefully interwoven technicality and aggressive drum patterns. Their music is fast and unrelenting.

Chronic Xorn

Metal heavyweights from Kolkata, Chronic Xorn, is a 5-piece deathcore band. The band was the first to be signed by Six Inch Nails Record in 2010, the same year, going ahead to release their debut album, Death Destruction Sermon. The band has also played in 2010 at the Summer Storm Festival supporting Nothnegal (Singapore), Festival headlined by Lamb Of God. Travis Montgomery of the highly esteemed metal band 'Threat Signal', Canada has played a guest guitar solo on the title track of the album which is considered quite a significant accomplishment in the Indian Metal community.


Zygnema is a four-piece groove metal band from Bombay. The band was formed in 2006 and has since then received a lot of awards and allocates. They won the Best Metal band in the 2011 Rolling Stone Metal Awards. The group has also represented India in International Music Festivals like the Inferno Metal Festival in 2013, Wacken Open Air in 2011 and Silence Festival in both 2013 and 2016. With a large fan base spread across India, it is safe to say Zygnema has been revolutionizing Metal here.