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Messiah for the Students, Outlawed

Messiah for the Students, Outlawed

The best part about being in college, aside from the freedom, is the fests that are organized annually. It provides the much-needed break from the repetitive cycle of studies, assignments, and snarky professors. The number that these fests attract is far better than a lecture from a hot teacher. From competitions to games, they’ve something in store for everyone.

The year 2006 marked the inception of ‘Outlawed’, annual cultural fest of WB National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS). Three days of unlimited music, games, fashion, and food, what else can a student expect after a tiring semester?

The fest will see events such as Great Kolkata Race, which is a scavenger hunt, The Fashion Show for budding fashionista, Turncoat Debate for the leaders of tomorrow, Chords of Fusion for upcoming bands to strut their stuff, and many more events. The whole vibe of the fest is contagious and everybody gets a piece of it.

Over the years, Outlawed saw performances from Indian Ocean, MIDIval Punditz, Junkyard Groove, Raghu Dixit Project, Indus Creed, Parikrama and many more. With the line-up for StarNites includes Karsh Kale, Nucleya, and Prateek Kuhad, they seem to up the ante.

So, close your books, unzip the nerd in you and expose yourself to pure, unadulterated fun for a couple of days!