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Meek Mill gives you 'Whatever You Need'

Meek Mill gives you 'Whatever You Need'

Looking for music that you can dance to, sway to, be silent to or even rap to? Then the song that you are most probably looking for is called “Whatever You Need” by Meek Mill.

Meek Mill, the American hip hop artist has dropped his new track with Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign. In the DJ Mustard produced track, Meek talks at length about giving all that his beloved needs, in every possible way.

“ I'm givin' you whatever you want

Girl, you know I can provide

Whatever you need

Whatever you need, babe”

It’s a smooth hip-hop track with Chris Brown and Ty giving the vocals for the breezy chorus. The song will enthuse you with emotions, all of them directing you towards the special kind of .

Even though Meek released this track within after a week of his release “Glow Up”, the two tracks couldn't be anymore different. ‘Glow Up’ talks about drugs, sex and girls and is pretty catchy and peppy rap; 

“Glow up, glow up

Walk in, show up

Smoke one, roll up

Bad bitch, hold up

Glow up, glow up

Glow up is no doubt a badass track like the majority of Hip- hop tracks so far. But “Whatever you need” is like an invocation to Meek’s muse. I guess this is what distinguishes Meek Mill and makes him one of the best hip-hop artists (in my opinon of course).

The unique tones and characteristics you find in every piece of art, every song, every sculpture or even in every human (God’s art), is up to interpretation. Art does not need resemblance or perfection or even acceptance, all it needs is to be shared and felt by everyone who witnesses it.

Well, that’s my perception of an artist and his art, what is yours? Decide for yourself, check out his latest tracks below.