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Man, Music and the Forest

Man, Music and the Forest

We walked out of the forest a long time ago, and since then it has become a fantasy. In the contemporary music world, forest sounds and forest music have created an ambient niche.

The forest music was a part of the movement since the French artists first used forest sounds in the techno arrangement. The music of Enigma and Deep Forest, which came in 1990's, started this new fantasy of forest in music. The were not just the pioneers of electronic music but also discovered these dark, heavy and atmospheric ambient musical style.

Today, the second face of Forest music is Psytrance, which involves high-tech bpm of 150 or more, Goa-Gil being the major figure to rule this genre. The hypnotic effect of these sounds can be seen under all Goa Trance sub-genres. Sometimes these styles are overshadowed by a psychotropic-induced audience, which indeed is not the best direction for any genre. Heavy echoing bass lines, the overuse of phasers and forest sounds constitutes these hour long sets. For some people, this transition of music turned into some adamant negative form while for some it became the modern version of losing your soul to music - Sufi. 

There is another wave of festivals focusing upon forest environment. It includes the world famous Ozora in Hungary and the Electric Forest Festival in Michigan. 

The setting at these festivals is kept within wild caricatures to provide a more forest like freedom. It can be looked at as the fascination of nature; an instinct of human beings. Regarding music these festivals are just off the hook. On one stage, they play the downtempo and chill out stuff, while on the other they introduce you to Hi-tech. But what is left for the forest after these arrangements are still questionable.

The use of Natural sounds has been experimented in musical studies as well. How the forest and ocean sounds are used to relax the patients of Stress and Anxiety is remarkable.