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Magix Samplitude ProX - All DAW Series

Magix Samplitude ProX - All DAW Series

It used to be an Audio editor but today, it’s a full-fledged production - DAW. Its popularity amongst people who are new to production since it covers everything in a very exclusive and clear approach. Its high points are in the excellent sound effects, a brilliant object based editing system and many other unique audio techniques.

As of Samplitude Pro X, the software also added 64-bit support, a docking system that allows you to tailor the interface, unique spectral editing, a highly evolved surround sound mixing and a whole lot more.

A brilliant Recording system: The absolutely sound neutral audio engine captures every detail in the highest quality.

A productive Composition tool: More than 12 instruments, extensive sample library and music notation for composing.

Interesting and eccentric Visualization: The wide range of visualizations is now enhanced by the comparisonics waveform display.

Really Useful and efficient Editing: High-quality tools, such as spectral editing, enable audio editing at the highest level.

Complete Mixing: The integrated mixer features power animation, VCA faders and up to 999 tracks.

Final Mastering: Professional mastering tools for finalizing music productions according to industry standards.