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Magic Manas – Magically hilarious

Magic Manas – Magically hilarious

The ultimate thing that is expected from a comedian is to make people laugh. Whether be it with words or enacting celebrities, a guaranteed laugh is a promise that attracts the attention. One name that is shining bright like a diamond in Delhi comedy scene is Manas Tayal aka Magic Manas. A close-up illusionist/magician with crazy hands and wicked humour, he is one soul that going to leave your mind gobsmacked.


A seasoned professional with over thousand of gigs under his belt, he put in use humor and expert sleight of hand to mesmerize the guests. Having being performed on Cruise ships in Australia and USA, the Delhi-born comedian is the most sought out name in Delhi comedy scene.



The way he plays down comic merged with visual artistry and mental magic is something that is unheard of. Refreshing brainteaser with a gag, surely going to leave your stomach hurt and eyes bamboozled.  


Magic Manas is the regular face at Hybrid. Every Monday one can spot him performing and playing with the minds of the people.


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