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Lyrics Writing Competition

Lyrics Writing Competition

Your music is defined by your lyrics. If you are confident that this is your beat, enter your best Lyrics with us, and we will get you recorded, along with a cash prize, of course!

Rules for the Competition

1. The Lyrics should be original.
2. Language should be in Hindi or Punjabi. You are allowed to use a few English words or phrases.


1. A Cash Prize of Rs 5,001 will be awarded to the best Lyrics.
2. Credits will duly be given to the person who wrote it. Same goes for the Composer.
3. Music Composition and Arrangement would be done by Yahavi.

Copyright of the Winning Entry would be held by Yahavi and Yahavi would hold the right to modify the same if need be.

Submit your entries here.

Winners will be announced on our Social Media pages. Keep on checking out for more such fun competitions.

For any enquiries, call us on +91-9266635555 and visit our Facebook Page here.