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Legendary Musicians Who Were Differently Abled

Legendary Musicians Who Were Differently Abled

They say pain is temporary, class is permanent. The only boundaries for a determined man are his is own creation. It takes real class and courage to overcome one’s weakness and set forth upon one’s destined path. These artist’s mental strength finally overcame their physical limitations and propelled them towards the path of glory.

Ray Charles ­

He began losing his eyesight at the age of 4 and by 7 he was completely blind. His song ‘ Georgia On My Mind,’ a classical hit, was adopted as the official state song by his home state of Georgia. The Gospel legend has been hailed by many as an American treasure.

Django Reinhardt ­

The Gypsy Jazz legend suffered serious first-degree burns and had partial paralysis on his left ring and little finger. But this did not deter the acoustic guitar maestro from fulfilling his destiny. Throughout his life, he would only use his two functioning fingers for the complex solos that he performed with such ease.

Kenny G ­

It is hard to believe that the award-winning champion of the saxophone suffers from asthma. But he managed to become one of the most successful and celebrated musicians of all time, selling almost 50 million albums.

Rick Allen ­

Anybody who has heard of Def Leppard has heard of Rick Allen. The iconic drummer is an inspiration for millions. The drummer had to undergo the amputation of his entire left arm after he was involved in a lethal car accident. But with the support of his bandmates and indeed from the entire music fraternity. He continued his illustrious career as the one-handed drummer and composed some of the best music with Def Leppard.

Ludwig Van Beethoven ­

Even the coldest hearts would  feel the melancholy that Beethoven’s story resonates. Considered to be one the greatest musicians to have ever existed, the maestro spent the last 25 years of his life completely deaf. The tragedy is evident in almost all of his compositions. It is said that he would break the legs of his piano and put his ears to the ground in order to feel the vibrations of the notes.