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Korn Might Be Working on a New Record For 2016

Korn Might Be Working on a New Record For 2016

If you are a metalhead born in the 90s, then you will definitely have at least five Korn songs in your playlist. Having an illustrious career of more than 10 years, Korn stood against all the odds to come out as one of the top nu-metal band in the world. Well, here is a good news! Korn guitarist, Brian ‘Head’ recently dropped in the news that the band is working on new material, their 12th studio release:

Me and Munky stopped playing together for eight years when I was gone. We did the last record and we just clicked, and it was awesome. But, to me, we've gotten used to each other again, and it's gonna be a more guitar-focused record. It's gonna be a little bit more technical — for Korn, anyway. So I just think it's… We're exactly where we wanna be as guitar-duo brothers

The band last released The Paradigm Shift in 2013. Brian also said the new album may drop in 2016. The band has also found a new producer for this album, but no name has been revealed as of now.