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Kolkata:musical 'divercity'

Kolkata:musical 'divercity'

Although music finds its way to uniformity across the globe, Kolkata is the city which has a diversity in music. Kolkata is the place of great poets, songwriters of international fame and the first Indian Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore-it doesn’t need any further introduction to explain the open worship of art and culture here. It has adopted the music culture of the world just like any other city, making its mark on the global map while retaining its originality intact.

Describing the musical vibe of Kolkata is not a one liner; wide diversity in style and genre is what makes it complex and difficult to describe. To analyze current music scenario we have to move back to late 70’s when a few brave pioneers tried to break the old stereotypes and actually imported the concept of harmony in Bengali music. Suman Chattopadhyay, Nachiketa Chakraborty and others started a new genre of Bengali music. Their songs were inspired from life itself and its lyrics dealt with daily life. Band music culture resurged in early 90’s by few new young bloods, who were inspired from western rock bands and wanted to make those music in their own very language.

Apart from band culture there is another vertical which must be addressed-Ravindra sangeet and Bengali folk songs. Both of the genres are rich in lyrics and melody which is attracting young generations. Folk culture in Bengal has its root over 500 years and has versatile styles and stories behind them. For example Baul  and Shyama Sangeet. Both originated in Bengal around 300 years ago, but both are different in feel, style and approach.

Kolkata can offer you that change that you want to see in our music culture. Best of all it is homewgrown. Make the best of our rich culture, and spread the word. After all, India has the culture that everyone, globally, seems to want to be a part of.


Author:Saikat Manna

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