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Keep calm? I think not! ‘coz its ‘Ultra Music Festival’ in India

Keep calm? I think not! ‘coz its ‘Ultra Music Festival’ in India

After a long while, this year is going to be musically remarkable for India; as this time enthusiast in country are experiencing and will experience the frequent musical tours and gig of international well renowned artists. Make way for one of the biggest hymn festivals ‘Road To Ultra’ as it will pass through Delhi in 8th September, making its debut in India. Dance fanatics in India seem to be on an incredible whimsical trip currently. This tour is titled ‘Ultra Music Festival India’ and it's all prepared to hit the stage.

Festival freaks are already packed with energy and thrill, making out all during September—when all the planning will take a beautiful shape. One of the principal electronic rhythm festival – ‘Ultra’ declared about their extended schedule to India, feeling an incredible hope for the deafening genre in the globally quite prominent nation. The present scenario of Electronic Dance genre has been totally transforming in India since the last few years and several unique festivals have been heading towards nation to experience mass enthusiasts.

Keen inclination towards electronic music, this fiesta has featured an attractive sum of most reputed performers through the fraternity, such as Diplo, Hardwell, Erik Prydz, Chemical Brothers, Tiesto, and deadmau5, to name a few. Previously, the Ultra’s largest concert was organized in Miami, USA. Serving with their astonishing keys and chords skills, the concert has been hosted throughout the globe in states such as Japan, Mexico, Bali, Brasil, and Singapore.

Well known for making one of the largest and most striking ‘stage set’ during concert, this music festival grabs attentions of millions. With the confirmed news, audience have been completely flipping for an epic ride. This event will again visit India with its second edition held for February 2018 in Mumbai. The fiesta has been rewarded with the title of ‘Best Dance Event’ for continuous seven years!