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Johnny Cash - The Accidental Punk

Johnny Cash - The Accidental Punk

Artists have always been associated with certain adjectives like cool, brilliant, eccentric etc. Most of these nomenclatures are not merely used to fictionalise the personalities. There have been countless instances of artists, especially musicians, being a little too ‘over the top.’ In reference to the country legend Johnny Cash, the word most fitting to describe his life and experiences is ‘Weird.’

Cash has been attributed with being the first real punk rocker. The ‘Man in Black,’ recorded the first ever live album inside the famous Folsom Prison. Although a pious man, Cash had a reputation of being reckless. His recklessness eventually led to a very serious drug problem. Through rigorous grit and immense mental strength, Cash managed to get off the junk. But little did he know that the monkey’s not off his back, yet.

The upbeat energetic mood of the song with the baritone voice of Cash makes it a perfect country song to enjoy on a roadtrip. A typical country song, "One" wins the heart of the listener among many other favourite songs of the great Johnny Cash.


In 1983, Cash was attacked by an ostrich that kept on his farm. The ostrich kicked him in the stomach causing a near ­fatal injury. He was prescribed painkillers which led him to get off the wagon. He got hooked on them, as well as other pain reducing drugs like morphine.This might be one of the weirdest instances and one of the craziest excuses of all time. Johnny Cash, the legend, forced to relapse by an ostrich.