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Jimmy Page working on a solo project, might be released in 2016

Jimmy Page working on a solo project, might be released in 2016

After Led Zeppelin’s albums are remastered and reissued in the deluxe and uber-deluxe versions, Jimmy Page will be concentrating entirely on a solo project; something he hasn’t done in nearly 30 years.

If everything works out, this will be Page’s first solo record since 1988’s Outrider that consisted of Robert Plant’s writings and vocal recordings.

Jimmy Page says:

I'm not thinking about singers, I'm thinking of an instrumental thing. I want to work on my strengths rather than my weaknesses. I want to work with myself; I want to get myself up and running, and once I'm ready, I'll think about whether I need someone to sing on the music… I want to be playing live again, but that won't be until next year, I planned all this a while ago. I want to start in the U.K. I've got ideas, but I want to wait to see what happens. I'd like to do Glastonbury. I could do a sort of karaoke night with LED ZEPPELIN songs.

Page says he intends to release the album in 2016. Just recently, he teamed up with members of Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Guns N Roses for a live rendition of the classic Led Zep song, Rock n Roll.