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Jesse Cook, The Master Of Nuevo Flamenco

Jesse Cook, The Master Of Nuevo Flamenco

Jesse Arnaud Cook, who was born on 28th November 1964 in Paris, is a Canadian guitarist, composer and producer. He is the undisputed master of ‘nuevo flamenco’ music, also called as new flamenco, in which he incorporates some elements of flamenco rumba, jazz, ethnic jazz and many forms of world music, selling over 1.5million records worldwide. He has been associated with Narada, EMI and E 1 Entertainment Music.

When he was a teenager, his father had retired to the French city Arles in the Camargue, a place where he became fascinated by the ‘Camargue sound’, the music and the flamenco rumba that he got to overhear from many cafes in the ‘gipsy barrio’ area. Meanwhile, back there at home where he lived with his mother in Canada, he was studying classical and jazz guitar at Canada’s Royal Conservatory of Music, York University and at Berklee College of Music, which was there in the United States. This fusion of different influences was quite evident in his compositions.

In 1995, he was allowed to perform his debut album ‘Tempest’ during twenty-minute intermissions. His performance was so much appreciated that he was invited up on the main stage to give his performance. In return, he received a ten-minute long applause along with standing ovation. This was the turning point in his musical life.

His compositions have been selected for the tracks of Sex And The City, The Chris Isaak Show and for many Olympic Games.

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