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Interview With You Turn

Interview With You Turn

When asked about their journey so far, You Turn had the following to say. 

"We all come from different cities but we started playing together in Delhi. The first time we jammed together, we thought 'hey this works.' We have been playing together for almost 6­7 months now. We have become more of a family than just a band." 

“ We are still new to the scene so we have to do covers as they are always in demand. But we try to mix it up and throw in an original or two in between the covers. We would always prefer people listening to our originals rather than just the covers.”

They seemed heavily influenced by the musicians of the 70’s and 80’s. " We all have different and varied range of influences. From Psy­Trance to B.B. King, from Indian Classical to Eric Clapton, we have always been influenced by the greats."

Describing their style, they said,“ It’s a combination of Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll mostly, but we try to compose our own unique sound also. For covers we generally cover the greats of Rock ‘n’ Roll, like Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, etc. As technology has advanced immensely since their days, we do make certain changes here and there but never tamper the basic structure of the songs. Thats remains untouched.”

We asked them what they thought about the Delhi music scene.

“ The Delhi scene is mushrooming, its evolving”

“ Advancing technology has generated new ways of creating music and will continue to do so. But Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die. We endorse this wholeheartedly.” 

We asked them who they thought is the best artists in the world.

“ Steven Wilson and Jaco Pastorius” 

“Bass is the backbone of any band. Be it an instrumental or any other type, a band cannot exist without the bassist.”

On being asked what their dream performance would be, You Turn said,

“ A 100,000 fans. Actually no stage is big enough for our ambition.”

We asked them about Yahavi, here is what they said

“ We think Yahavi is a great initiative. People really need platforms like this, especially young budding musicians. We hope one day your efforts will encourage society to accept music as a career and not just a hobby.”