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Indian Jazz Players You Should Know About

Indian Jazz Players You Should Know About

 Indo-jazz is a hybrid musical genre consisting of jazz, classical and Indian influences. Given below are such incredible players whom you can truly enjoy in your leisurly time. 

 Trilok Gurtu

Acknowledged as a leading musician who contributed to jazz fusion, this Mumbai-born percussionist nurtured an interest in jazz from an early age and became a known name in the field of music. He has collaborated with artists like Robert Miles, Gary Moore and Mario Laginha.


The magic musicians who wrote some of the most immortal songs in the 50s and 60s in Bollywood were also pioneers of jazz and virtually introduced Indo-Jazz with their 1968 album titled Raga-Jazz Style. The album is a mesmerizing blend of jazz songs and Indian ragas. The 11 songs in the album are considered pioneering for the era and influenced many future jazz players.

Louiz Banks

He has been an integral part of the jazz community over the past three decades and led many initiatives for its revival. Born to Nepalese parents, Banks popularized live jazz at Bombay’s nightclubs in the 70s while his collaboration on the album Miles From India won him a nomination in the Best Contemporary Jazz Album category at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

Radha Thomas

She is the Executive Vice-President at Explocity Private Limited, a media-publishing house in India. She has held this position since 1999. She is an author, a jazz vocalist and also the bandleader of the jazz-fusion band, UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble.

Chic Chocolate

A name like Chic Chocolate is enough to catch our fancy but Goan trumpeter Antonio Xavier Vaz is considered to be one of Bombay’s best jazz musicians. In fact, he led a band that played jazz at the upscale Taj Mahal Hotel in the city. Vaz was well regarded in Bollywood circles as composer C Ramchandra’s team and can safely be credited for introducing swing music to the industry in the 50s.