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India’s first professional female bagpiper – Archy J

India’s first professional female bagpiper – Archy J

When you boast yourself to be a musical enthusiast, then you must be quite familiar with the song “choli ke peeche kya hai” that is been tremendous hit of the retro era, is recovered in unique style by Archy J. Archy J is 26-year old professional female bagpiper in India. This retro cover is considered unique, as no other song of Bollywood has been every attempted on bagpiper-dubstep streak. As resulting, this cover has gathered large number of appreciation in Indian music industry for the performer.

Following her passion since many years along with the learning methods as well as musical instrument itself, this female bagpiper identifies herself as the skilled bagpiper. In the current scenario, you can ask to any guy around you or on the road and enquire regarding the bagpipe. Probabilities are, they would reply you with Bagpiper soda or whiskey, or you can also get to score a date! Now, suppose learning the musical instrument, which is not even being known of its existence appeared to be a hard task for her. That's the thrash about this Delhi born and brought up Archy J have been through to be that brave to pick that instrument as a profession.

Everyone suggested Archy that there is no place for Bagpipe in this industry, and the reply was – “that’s why I am doing it”. “There may not be place of Bagpipe now, but there will be someday” she added. And this firm determination led her to be the India’s first professional female bagpiper. Though there are several others who perform on bagpipes, and they appeared to be the part of the bands. And considering the fact that how many times have you heard any Bollywood song to be performed on bagpipes? It’s not only the speciality in India, rather it is matchless and is possible because of this “snake charmer” – a name given by Archy J to herself.