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How To Make The Most Out Of A Studio Trip?

How To Make The Most Out Of A Studio Trip?

Recording studios have changed rapidly in the last few years. What used to be limited by large types of equipment and high-end budgets can now be achieved right in your bedroom with the most modest budget. Below, we will discuss some points that will lead to a more fruitful outcome.

The first rule of recording is: The better the source, the better the quality. To simplify this further, think of your microphone as your ears. If it does not sound good to your ears, chances are that it wont sound good in front of a microphone either. You must always make sure you have the state-of-the-art equipments in your recording booth. This includes fresh sets of strings, a new drum head, or anything else. 

Everyone must tune their instruments before their take. This is because, down the line, you can still edit what you want, but you will lose out on what you cannot add naturally, for example, tone.

Save your work often. In the 21st century, you can virtually save up to 1TB of data in less than $100. There is nothing worse than losing all your hard worked data, and you have a client who has paid you for it. It never hurts to save your work between takes. 

Always have a backup. Keep a set of guitars or drum sticks you can use in the last minute, if something wrong happens. You can practically save the day of the musician who has come down a long way with dead old strings on his guitar.

Make sure nothing leaves until your paycheck arrives. This covers all formats of the sound and the CDs with the rough mix. Because, during a recording session, if a financial disagreement occurs, they will still have the rough mix and will master it from someone else. A rare case, but it happens!

Keep your work simple. In the end, people will be listening to the music, so make sure you do not fancy things up too much. Like, doing too many vocal overdubs or laying down too many guitar layers. Let the music of the band speak for itself!