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How to make sure you never succeed as a Musician

How to make sure you never succeed as a Musician

Every hour, there is a musician in this planet who decides to kill off their passion for music for a more stable earning career. Although, they will still pursue their talent in music in their spare time, making music and playing live gigs will simply take a backseat later in everything they do. You get hurt, because all these years growing up, you dreamt of playing shows and feel the energy of the crowd.

Even the most committed musician can be grounded down after playing years with empty crowds and sending hundreds of demos without any reply. But once you start to recognize the common mistakes people usually make, you will be able to avoid them and get on to create music that people will appreciate.

Not working on your Music

People spend way too much time promoting and marketing their music rather than practicing. The point is, you can sell your music as much as you can, but it won’t be worth if your music is bad. But, on the other hand, if your marketing sucks to the core, yet you produce quality music, and then your marketing will be done by your promoters and fans. Commit to practicing your instrument, at least, two hours a day, and market your music at your spare time. Keep everything well under balance.

Marketing your music

On the other hand, if you don’t market your music, you may not be able to make more people hear your music. If you guys are confident about your music, why not share it with the world? It is just like pushing your car with your bare hands. At first, it won’t budge. But if you are consistent, your car will move forward, and before you know it, you are already moving at a steady pace. Marketing is the same. All you need is to work real hard at first to build your audience; the rest is like making a cheese sandwich. Voila!

Playing it Safe

You go to shows and see a band rocking it out with their set list. People loved the set and were cringing for more. The next show, the same band played with the same set list and the crowd’s reaction was overwhelming. But at the third show, the band got booed a lot. This is because people expect a band to showcase their new material on stage. Even if you are playing the same setlist, try to improvise your on-stage act. The crowd will love it. Don’t be stagnant.

Playing every crappy gig

At first, playing every gig sounds nice, as you gain valuable experience and idea on your set. In a cheating way, you also save money on your jams. This can become a career killer, though if you keep on playing bad shows in hopes that at least one becomes a fan of your work. Playing in venues to an empty crowd sucks, along with destroying your career in a blink of an eye. Next time, turn down an offer of a bad show and work on getting a better show. One good gig is worth countless empty gigs.


Jealousy is a bad feeling, but it is natural. You cannot help it. You see a new band getting more gigs and plays than you, who have struggled your back off for months. Try to get a new perspective of this. Learn about how the band is marketing themselves to the public. Check out how they address various radios and the press. If you go as far as to track other musicians who have a similar fan base to your own using Google Alerts, you can get daily updates offering new possibilities for you to connect with people who will be open to what you do because they just featured something alike.