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How To Be A Better Audience

How To Be A Better Audience

Most of the performers out there have all experienced one thing common during their career- Audiences behaving badly. Whether it is talking on the phone during the performance, coughing unnecessarily, leaving in the middle of the show, or even having their ‘private’ time. The morale boost of the performing artists fully depends upon the action of the audience. Let us check out some pointers that can help you to be a good audience.

Show up on time and be ready to listen

If you have agreed to attend the event, that also mean you will attend it on time and listen to whatever the participant has to offer. By being late, you mean to imply that your time is more valuable than theirs. This gives great discouragement to the performing artist. For music and comedy events alike, if you do not participate, this is another turn-off for the performer. Imagine a situation, you are delivering a comic show, and no one laughs at your puns and jokes. You get hurt bro, real bad!

Turn off the Distractions

Time and Money are valuable. And when you are attending a performance, you are investing both. Make sure you are spending it entirely. Turn off all the distractions like your cell phone. You are here to enjoy the event. Distractions can side-track you to another direction, along with the performer, but also, the associated sounds are very disturbing, like noise, key strokes, ringing or vibrations. The next time you consider doing this, stop and look around the room. You will find yourself surrounded by other successful professionals. Their time is just as valuable as your own. Be respectful and minimize your distractions.

Give non-verbal responses

Most performers make eye contact with the audiences while performing. But most viewers do not realize that eye-contacts go both ways. Nodding or responding to the performers leaves a very positive mark on the performer. In the talks of a metal show, the way of non-verbal response is, well, a bit more physical in the form of moshpits and headbanging. For events like comedy nights, a proper non-verbal response would be to sit back straight, nod and laugh at their jokes, and have fun.

Make the Connection

Attending gigs and shows has their own merits. Try to talk to the performing artists after their set. Not only you make contacts for yourself, but you also boost the morale of the performer. If you have walkthrough the above points, you are already in the good books of the artist. Go and speak out with him/her. Let him/her know your point of view. This is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the other professional s in the room and make a meaningful connection that can help you in future work endeavors.