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Here is How You Can Woo The Judges at an Audition

Here is How You Can Woo The Judges at an Audition

This is one thing that brings together artists from different arenas- auditions. Irrespective of ability, gender, age, genre and hearing type, artists want their auditions to be memorable. They can be bands, singers and dancers. So, how do the agony aunts describe what a ‘good audition’ is? A good audition is not one that gets you through but one for which you are prepared well. With more and more reality shows and platforms coming, Yahavi decided to share a funny insight into how an audition can help you get attention. After all that is what we crave for. Audition! Attention! Read below to find kickass views to rock your auditions!

Be Prepared!

You have landed yourself in an audition, so you have to be prepared for anything that might happen. Prepare your song inside-out and learn the lyrics. Singing off a paper reflects very poorly on the judges. If you are using a backing track, check it twice or thrice so that you may avoid awkward moments in front of the judges. If you are playing an instrument, keep a check on the tune and keep spare parts.

Be original

Auditions are held to find new and discover new talents. It is no use if you are doing something that someone else has already done. Make sure your performance is original and memorable. If you have an original piece, perform it, it means you have courage.

Pocket your Attitude

You are giving your audition to a set of judges who are already experts in their respective fields. They are judging you so that they can help and give you an opportunity to be successful. Showing your attitude and self pomp won’t earn you anything; instead, you may find yourself not wanted by them.   

Relax a bit

It is an audition, not a show. All you have to do is perform in front of a few normal people. Calm your nerves down and give it your best. Take a deep breath and give it all you got!


It’s not just about singing, you have got to be able to take that song and make it a performance. You have to own the stage, make us believe it’s yours. The most successful artists can make the whole crowd believe in their performance.

Listen and Learn from the masters

Judges are experts in their fields. They have a lot of experience. It might be the constructive criticism you need to make that next step. Make sure you look at your feedback, you might not be aware of the one thing holding you back.

Enjoy yourself

Lastly, your art is all about enjoyment and recreation. Relax and do what you do best. Show the judges why you love your art so much.