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Here is how you can take care of your Voice during Summer times

Here is how you can take care of your Voice during Summer times

Summer days are back. The season to just switch on your AC and relax with some cold beer. The season does not stop anyone from playing gigs outdoor; you need to take certain precautions to take care of your voice. Below, we will share with you some age-old tips for maintaining vocal health during summer months.

Eat Healthy

Healthy food keeps you well-balanced, overall. Prepare your food in your own style and start having more of raw fruits and vegetables. The reason is fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water that keeps you hydrated. A balanced diet helps you avoid fatigue, increases your stamina and recover from stress easily.

Drink plenty of Water

In summers, with all the heat and humidity, it is easy to lose water from the body. Although an average number of glasses of water you should drink in a day are 8-10, it mostly depends on your daily activities. Drinking water helps you hydrate your throat, fend off any hoarseness or scratchiness in your voice and assist your body’s immune system. Water also taps out all unwanted chemicals from the body.


Train your voice like you train your body. Use proper techniques while singing and don’t overdo your exercises. Simple exercises like walking or jogging also aid in maintaining a good vocal track. Not only this, but exercise will also help you prevent diseases and manage your overall heath.

Take Supplements that are Natural

Getting used to following healthy routines like above, you don't need to be concerned about other things. Taking additional supplements like vitamins, protein, and herbs should be useful in promoting and boosting your health. In regards to maintaining vocal health, recommended supplements involve balm (to soothe and relieve soreness in the muscles), essential oil (to cool and refresh your body), and Prime Again (to combat cold and allergies).Pace yourself

Pace yourself

When you are preparing for a show or audition season, you must pace yourself and your voice.  You would not think of trying to get all of your exercises in at the gym by going one day a week for 5 hours.  Rather, you should sing (and exercise) in smaller increments of time (30-45 minutes) each day, gradually building strong skill and stamina.  As you improve, you should be able to increase the amount of time as well as the difficulty of vocal power.

Avoid phono traumatic behaviors

When you increase your vocal loudness, your vocal folds bang together harder (much like clapping your hands really hard, loud, and fast).  After a period of doing this, your vocal folds begin to react to the impact by becoming swollen and red.  Long term phone trauma can lead to vocal fold changes such as vocal fold nodules.