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Here is how you can deliver a good stand up comedy show

Here is how you can deliver a good stand up comedy show

Making it big in the Stand Up Comedy circuit is a goal that is desired by many, but enjoyed by a few. Because, it is one of the few performance arts that is made up on spot, but with the right combination of practice, determination and wackiness, you can grasp your audience in your's spell.

Here are some pointers that can help you get on stage and share your laughter with the world:

Do not write and analyze all your material at the same time

Most people think analyzing (breaking down) and creating ideas are the same thing. But scientifically, these activities are bipolar in nature. If you try both, you will not reach anywhere. Dividing the two tasks allow complete focus on achieving good material. Write your content (getting ideas, words and jokes) at one time and analyze (tweaking and revising) some other time.

Learn the good old mechanics of good comedy

Do not base your entire parody career on trial-and-error method. Stand Up Comedy has been around for a long time. Learn what works and what not, but do not be afraid to bend a few bars and rules.

Evolve your ideas

Some of your best one-liners are already said by someone else already. It is a written rule: Good puns are not written, it is re-written. Practice a joke at least 20-30 times, and choose the story that works best with the audience.

Do not memorize your joke

If you attempt to memorize your joke, you will end up sounding very mechanical. Not to ignore the fact that memorizing the joke will lead to losing the feel of the fun too. When you talk with your friends, you do not memorize the words. Instead, you remember the theme and story. The same concept goes for Stand up Comedy.

Talk to the Audience

Talking to the audience and talking at the audience are two different entities. Break the invisible wall. You are not on television. Connect with the crowd.

Look up to your inspirations

Watch your inspirations on video sites and analyze it. Understand the things they do and how they roll it. Try applying those principles in your act as well. They did not become your influences just like that, did they?

Lastly, do not steal

This obvious fact’s consequences are too great to ignore. This rule goes out for every performing art, be it music, dance or Stand Up Comedy. This will kill any relationship you have in the Comedy circuit. It is not worth it to have one very good show from copying others and destroying relationships that will benefit you tomorrow.