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Here is a List of Top Notch Bands From Kolkata

Here is a List of Top Notch Bands From Kolkata

Kolkata has been producing some of India’s best musicians. In every household in Kolkata, music and art are given the foremost importance. Hence, you will find a minimum of one music instrument in each and every house. It runs in their blood. Let us check out some famous names from Kolkata, a place where music rules!


The groove/tech metal band from Kolkata is one of the most prominent names to come out of Kolkata. The band came together in 2010 and released their debut EP, Paraphernalia, which was acclaimed critically. Live, this band credits tight and mighty acts. The band broke off in 2012, but reunited after three months, stronger and better than ever! The band won a number of college gigs and released their debut album, Extropy. Their song, Tibro, was nominated for the Best Song category.

Skinny Alley

Formed in 1996, Skinny Alley is one of the earliest live acts from Kolkata. Each member has been playing with different bands since the 70s, hence everyone brings in their share of experience in the band, thus enriching their music tremendously. The band has played many shows, both in-and-out of Kolkata, at every possible venue like college campuses, coffee houses and even car parks. The band has released two albums; ‘Escape the Roar’ and ‘Songs from the Moony Boom’. When Jeffrey Menezes (Keyboards/Vocals) is not present, the band plays their set under the name of Pinknoise.

Ganesh Talkies

Ganesh Talkies is an alt-rock band from Kolkata, which was formed in mid-2011. They are firm believers in the art of performing and giving the live audience their money’s worth. They always appear on stage in the elaborate garb which is loud, eye-catching and as In Technicolor from their recently released album of the same name. Maintaining that they will always dress up crazily for shows, their flair for theatrics is evident from the fact that they wore rented marching band costumes for their first gig.


Formed in 1999, Fossils is one of the oldest rock bands from Kolkata. Their music is a perfect blend of blues, grunge, hard rock, alt rock and psychedelia. Their music is noted for their social commentary and advocation of causes like the welfare of infected people. Thus, the band name was meant to convey a sense of an "underground" movement that the members felt they had initiated and their belief that they would be fossilized into history under the pressure of social disapproval of their music, only to be excavated decades later by musicologists wishing to discover the roots of Bangla rock.

The Supersonics

The Supersonics is a post-punk rock band from Kolkata. They got together in 2006 and had been rocking the scene since. The band was Indiecision's Most Promising Act of 2008, and their 2009 debut album Maby Baking (HMV) was Indiecision's Album of the Year. The band split up in 2010 but reunited soon after. The band’s high energy level in their songs and live acts developed them an enormous and loyal fan base across India and is still increasing.