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Here Is a List Of Some Really Funny Genres Of Music

Here Is a List Of Some Really Funny Genres Of Music

Music has come a long way since its inception thousands of years ago. Music can been sliced, combined and created now. With the development of the Internet, music enthusiast now share their music all around the globe, thus enabling them to combine entirely different genres of music to something new. Today is the Golden Age of music.

We have compiled a list of eccentric genres that have come up that are perpetually changing the face of music today:


Raven hair. Skinny jeans. Musicians who are screaming out their loneliness with high pitched vocals and screams. This genre evolved from post-hardcore in San Diego in 1991 and its namesake is derived from the nearly ubiquitous screaming that accompanies the cacophony of other festivals. There are two waves of Screamo music- the First Wave and the Second Wave. First Wave bands include Heroin, Antioch Arrow, and the Swing Kids. The second wave includes a slower and less harsh breed like Far, Grade, Thursday and Alexisonfire.


Also known as the band with a female vocalist with extremely tight purple jeans and V-Neck T-shirts. This is a sub-genre of Indie pop that appeals to a very narrow demographic of people. These bands usually perform in underground live venues and their lyrics is related to everything related to love and its corresponding emotions. Some of the bands that is Cuddlecore in nature are TigerTrap, Go Sailor, Go Softies and many more.

Laptop Pop

Any person with a laptop and a powerful surge to spend hours searching the Internet for weird sounds and clips, then combining them to a track is called Laptop Pop. Laptop pop masters are really just gurus of programs such as Garage Band, Cakewalk, or other music creation software that allows the user to design and rearrange free-standing clips into loop-based music.Some bands to check out: Ratatat, Girl Talk, Rex the Dog, Various Production, Oval.

Blackened Death Metal

What can be more moribund than Death Metal? Blackened Death Metal, of course! A mix of death metal with a flaming barrel of snarls and shrieks, you get Blackened Death Metal! Vocals are accompanied by highly distorted guitars and, of course, double bass drum patterns. For a proper BDM song, lyrics should be very satanic. Some bands that you can listen to are Behemoth, Azarath, Marduk and Zyklon.

Comedy Rap

Rap music is normally associated to serious matter (in the case of Eminem) or richness (L'il Wayne). But did you know you also have a third genre of Rap? Yes, it is Comedy Rap! some bands have taken rap’s pitiable message of alcoholism, objectification of women, and materialism and made it into an illustrious festivity lampooning the ridiculousness and superficiality of the “thug life.” Comedy rap pioneers Flight of the Conchords and Lonely Island fill the airtight niche that is comedy rap. It has gained a modest following in teenagers and adolescents that have grown up listening to Biggie Smalls and Snoop Dogg and enjoy hearing their sounds of childhood mocked and spoofed.


Extremely long ‘songs’ (if you can call them that) made up of completely naturally occurring sounds of nature such as whale noises, rustling leaves, dog barks, etc. Also known as “sounds of nature,” this kind of music is normally listened by advanced Yoga practitioners.


With the explosive proliferation of psychedelic drugs in the 60s and 70s, this cultural paradigm brought with it mescaline and magic mushroom inspired lyrics that can sound as smooth and chilled out as a polar bear relaxing on a beach wearing sunglasses and drinking a pina colada. Or, like someone with Tourette's learning to play the piano while riding a carousel during a tornado. While this genre is rooted in the psychedelic bands of the 60s, (The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix), it has experienced a consciousness-expanding resurgence in bands such as MGMT, Yeasayer, Empire of the Sun and Tame Impala.

Country Truck Driving Music

Country truck driving music aims to assimilate all the affairs associated with truck driving into a four-minute track. Some of these stories include: shifting into fifth while crossing the state line, truck stop, and according to Rhett Atkins “driving my life away looking for a sunny day.” Also, check out the classic “Mama Hated Diesels” by Commander Cody. Del Reeves may have said it best when he said being is a trucker means being a double clutchin’ scale jumpin’ mile makin’ tail gatin’ dollar dodgin’ line crossin’ coffee drinkin’ pin ballin’ jack knifin’ fog timin’ wind jammin’ lake runnin’ gear bustin’ sort of a feller. Also, check out truck driving songs by Red Sovine, Junior Brown and C.W. McCall.