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Here Are Some Tips for Kickass Music Production

Here Are Some Tips for Kickass Music Production

There are practically no rules when it comes to making music. Music is all about one’s creativity and originality. It is easy for modern music producers to redefine the edges of music and try out different technicalities. Music production is all about practice and applications, and the tips given below may able to help you out in the long run.

Mix with your eyes closed

This may sound very opposite to what you might know about Sound Production. But imagine this; you have spent the whole day just staring at those wavelengths. Music is all about emotions and feelings. Don’t be mechanical. Don’t just focus on the levels and dBs. Close your eyes and listen to the whole mix again and again. Have faith on your ears.

For example, to get the vocals to sit right in the mix, sit down, close your eyes, lower down the monitor volume and adjust the vocal fader accordingly. Your ears will let you know when your vocals are sitting correctly in the mix. Try it!

Imperfections are okay

We are humans. Humans tend to make mistakes. We are not perfect, the music we make shouldn’t be either; well, unless you are a robot! Adding subtle noise and pops into your tracks only adds to the beauty of it. The vocals can sound a little more authentic, even though it may not sound 100% crystal clear. Low level of distortion adds to the ‘Humanizing’ factor in the songs. It does not sound mechanical. Listen to Stairway to Heaven. The song was originally recorded in Mono, but is considered one of the greatest hits of all time.

Experiment a LOT!

Try using the plugins out of context. Use it for more than what it was originally designed for. Use the guitar amp plugin on the vocals. Use a vocal compressor on the drums. This gives you endless options to experiment with the sound. There is no need to follow the rules written in a book.

Make the Kick Drum sound huge

A great dance music record can be made or broken by a real kick drum. It seems almost every day producers are pushing the limits of what is considered to be a “huge” kick drum. The trick to achieve these kicks is to go beyond simply layering two or even three kicks. Instead, try layering a sine wave sub-bass layer underneath your kick drum to create maximum impact on the low end.

Creatively use the Side Chain

Side-chaining is synonymous with dance music. Naturally, its most common use is to duck elements out of the way of the kick drum, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Another trick you can try is to side-chain your reverbs and delay effects by using your melody or chord progression as the trigger instead of the kick. Why not use an arpeggio to trigger the side-chain of a pad? The possibilities are endless!