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Here are some of India’s best all-female bands

Here are some of India’s best all-female bands

In a circuit dominated by male musicians, here is a list of all-female bands that are rocking out, loud!

Tetseo Sisters

Four sisters, Mütsevelü, Mercy, Alune and Kuvelu, or collectively known as the Tetseo sisters, are one of the most recognizable faces of the North East. Hailing from Nagaland’s Kohima, the harmonious melodies that pour out when the ladies take the mic will transport you to a different time and space.The traditional colours that they wear precisely define what they represent – a flavour of myriad dreams, aspirations and creative energy that abounds in the hills they call home. Their songs are simple, focusing on vocal harmonies rich in tones and nuances culminating in a startling perfection of rhymes and rhythm. Often accompanied by the single stringed Tati and a guitar toting brother, the sisters delight with a fresh new experience.

The Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records is a four-piece all-female rock band from New Delhi. The band was formed by Banu, Minam and Mithy, all from Arunachal Pradesh. Their genre reflects much of their inspirations - indie rock, post punk and new wave. Taking inspirations from CSS, The Clash, The Strokes, this band has been creating really groovy music, landing them slots at high-end gigs. These girls are taking the Indian scene by storm.

Minute of Decay

Minute of Decay, or better known as MOD, is an Indie Funk band based in Delhi. Siblings being in one band is no unusual phenomenon. Some of the biggest bands in rock history had siblings as their founders — the Young brothers of AC/DC, the Wilson sisters of Heart, Greenwood brothers of Radiohead, just to name a few. That way, Delhi-based band, Minute of Decay, which consists of the Muivah sisters from Manipur, has a rich tradition of sibling bond to create music from. The siblings play a mix of classic rock with a punch of sharp pinch of contemporary vocal patterns and groovy alternate riffs. For now, the band is working on their EP entitled Finding Betsy.

Tritha Sinha and Ritika Singh – SPACE

Two extremely talented and acknowledged women of our time, they bring women empowerment to the fore with a bang! While Tritha is more rooted to her Bengali musical lineage, Ritika brings the new side of music. Their collaboration SPACE talks about women displaying their rights and emotions through performance and music. Bengali, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, their electro-fusion feat has all the languages and elements of power house trip with a little help from Paul Schnieter!