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Here Are Some Kickass Desi Rockers Wowing Everyone in Hindi

Here Are Some Kickass Desi Rockers Wowing Everyone in Hindi

In a country where Rock and Metal music in English is prominent, we have seen the rise of quite a few Hindi bands that are swaying the nation. Bands singing in Hindi are exceedingly rare in the current scenario. There have been bands like Indian Ocean and Euphoria that have carried the Hindi rock flame for a long time but now more and more bands are coming up with good original Hindi rock music. Let us look at some below:


Parvaaz came together in 2010 when Khalid Ahmed and Kashif Iqbal, childhood friends from Kashmir, met in Bangalore after a hiatus of about three years and decided to jam together. They initially came up with a few basic melodies, but slowly realized that their collaboration had something more to yield than just a few songs. New music followed, and soon the band chose five tracks, including the previously released single ‘Dil Khush’ for the debut EP 'Behosh'. They have performed in festivals like NH7 Weekender, The Great Indian October Fest, MAD Festival and tons more. Check out their music below.


The members of the band say the name was inspired by the game called Lagori, or ‘Lingorchya’, ‘Pitthu’ and ‘Sitoliya’ in various other parts of India. The band had been fascinated by the time signature of 7. Hence, they named themselves the same. The band shows the rich culture of India with their music. Having grown up in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore-- a city that is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, languages and beliefs - their music reflects the varied influences of each band member, culminating in unique, fresh and authentic sound.


A band that has been on the scene for a very long time, Faridkot cannot be ignored from the list. Hailing from Delhi, the band elegantly mixes Sufi influences with their rock ethos. They create music ranging from pop rock to progressive rock. They were the runner-up in the 2009 Channel V Launchpad when the competition started accepting bands that sang in any other language apart from English. Lately, the band began fusing progressive elements with their music, thus raising the bar for bands equally.


With Porcupine Tree and Meshuggah as their influences, this progressive rock band carry social messages through their lyrics. This Mumbai-based band released two videos, both with a haunting exposition of mystery present usually in Metallica's music videos. They are one of the most respected bands in Mumbai, having played shows all over the city and country. Watch out for them!