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Giggling your way through the night with Abijit Ganguly and Friends.

Giggling your way through the night with Abijit Ganguly and Friends.

We have seen how Jerry Seinfeld or Robin Williams cracking the audience with laughter within mere seconds of being on stage. No wonder they are knighted as the Legends of Comedy. Their one-liners are filled with slapstick recreation of mundane and ordinary tales, which in turn, are legendary within themselves.

The term ‘stand-up’ is still finding its ways through the heads of the Indian audience. There is not much to talk about when it comes to a guy just speaking his mind off.

On December 7th, 2015, Hybrid got to witness this trend in action. Comedians such as Abijit Ganguly, Prakhar, Srijan and Pratyush took the stage to brighten up the night with their humorous take on an individual's everyday life. The sole aim of the evening was not just to tickle your funny, but to leave it damn fractured and the guys did exactly that only. With the takes on stereotypical Indian girls in a Nightclub to what Indian parents expect from their child, waves of humor spread through the crowd as if everybody in the Hybrid could correlate. The crowd responded well to sex jokes, quick punches and high-energy acts with shouting approval.

Catch Abijit Ganguly, Sunnee D and Appurv Gupta live @ Hybrid on 14th December and watch how they transform your mundane Monday into a laugh riot.