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From Unseen to Seen: Lana Del Rey

From Unseen to Seen: Lana Del Rey

A long time ago, there was a girl by the name Lizzy Grant. A YouTube video, dated 8th June 2009, showed a young, casually dressed in a green T-Shirt Lizzy Grant on a New York music show, The Variety Box. Her voice was sweet, but she was very much shy of the audience who gave her a smattering applause.  

Grant was one of the hundreds who were trying to get their share of fame by singing in clubs and bars, in plain hopes to get noticed. And why not, big names like Lady Gaga and Bob Dylan got their breaks this way. But, Grant’s hopes of becoming a singer disappeared just like her one and only album.

But, few years down the line, Grant found fame under the name of Lana Del Rey.  Sultry and seductive, Lana is one of the hottest names in the US music industry whose new album was released in January this year.

Lana is nothing like Grant. Her new music video showed her in an entirely  different avatar. We can see the video of 'Born to Die' is slick and lavishly produced. Lana’s soaring voice patterns and melodies won her millions of fans around the world.

When Video Games first went viral, it became an underground sensation praised for its authentic feel. Del Rey's incredible voice crooned the haunting song against a backdrop of grainy out-takes of home movies and Hollywood scenes. It currently has a staggering 20 million views on YouTube. The follow-up, Blue Jeans, with a similar feel, netted 6 million views. Del Rey's few live gigs suddenly sold out. She won the Next Big Thing prize at the Q Awards. She seemed set for the big time.

But, Lana’s evolution from Grant drew many critical judgements. Controversies state that singer’s transformation was planned all along. Her stage name was chosen by her management. Then there is also the fact that Del Ray is a daughter of a millionaire father who backed her whole career.

However, whatever controversies surround her, we know that Lana is here to stay. Lizzy Grant might have failed, but Lana will show the world what she is capable of.