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For The Love Of Music & Football

For The Love Of Music & Football

Since the ‘British Invasion,’ in the 60’s, rock ‘n’ roll has seen a host of British bands. While British music dominated the American charts, many artists adopted the USA as their home. But old habits persisted. They could not forget their roots, their accent or their love for football. Ozzy Osbourne once got in a drunken brawl over the beautiful game and famously stated that he is willing to die for Aston Villa, his favourite football club. So who supports which club? Read on.

Steve Harris

Iron Maiden ­ Bassist Steve Harris sports a logo of West Ham United FC on his guitar and even played in their youth academy as a teenager. The band’s rallying salute, ‘ Up the Irons,’ is a tribute to their favourite club.

Elton John ­

The musician is a lifelong supporter of Watford FC. He actually bought the club back in 1976. The artist still owns a part of the club and serves as its Honorary Lifetime President.

Robert Plant ­

The wolf on the cover of his solo album, ‘Now and Zen,’ is a tribute to his boyhood favourites, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Plant claims that since club legend, Billy Wright, waved at him during a game when he was five, he has pledged his support.

Rod Stewart ­

Occasionally, fans get to see rock star Rod Stewart, kicking football into the crowd during live concerts. His love for his favourite club, Celtic FC, became unquestionable when he was caught on camera, crying tears of joy, as the club beat Spanish giants, Barcelona, in 2012.

Brian Johnson

The legendary AC/DC frontman is a “Geordie” at heart and has been since a child. He has made his love for Newcastle United very public on many occasions.


Despite the fact that they are no longer together and have very publicly expressed their hatred for one another (even though they are brothers) Noel & Liam Gallagher still regularly show and express a huge amount of love for Manchester City. They’re very noisy about that. Noisy City fans.