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Five Celebrities With The Most Outrageous Backstage Demands

Five Celebrities With The Most Outrageous Backstage Demands

There will always be people falling over superstars trying to please them. Travelling the globe and performing for millions of fans is a grueling job, so behind the scene, a star’s management team will try and make the experience as comfortable and as gratifying as they can. There are the standard essentials such as still water, fresh fruits. Then there are other stars that require extravagant stuff. Here are some famous celebs and their high-end demands.


Those who are setting up a room for her arrival must not forget that she likes the room to be kept at exactly 78 degrees to protect her voice. There should be rose scented candles and all the catering tables must be covered in white cloths. The Crazy In Love singer is worth an estimated $536 million, so it’s safe to assume she can request whatever she wants – considering that, her requests seem reasonably tame.


The Diamonds fame superstar requests that the drapes in her room are black or blue but with icy-blue chiffon layering. There must also be an animal throw in the room – either cheetah or leopard. She demands all the floors to be thoroughly cleaned as she walks around backstage barefooted.

Paul McCartney 

Paul McCartney is an animal rights supporter and he takes this role very seriously. He demands that absolutely no animal products should be near him when he’s backstage. There is a strict ban on leather, fur and meat products. All his room furnishings must be made from wood, cotton, denim or velour. McCartney must also be provided with a black stretch limousine for his arrival.


Jay-Z only plays at the biggest venues and stadiums, but this might be because he needs the extra space for his huge entourage. He demands not just one dressing room but seventeen. Although the hip-hop star is worth over $500 million, his only snack request is for a jar of good quality peanut butter. 


Madonna has an entourage of 200, which includes over 20 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist and someone who’s only job role is to pick up her dirty clothes. The Queen of Pop also requires twenty international phone lines. Her dressing room should be covered in pink and white roses, but if the stems aren’t trimmed to exactly six inches then there will be trouble. She demands a brand new toilet seat at each venue.