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Few Insightful Tips To Make Your Music Sound Better

Few Insightful Tips To Make Your Music Sound Better

Once you are done with the crazy process of creating your masterpiece, you realise that, although it sounds complete, it still lacks in an aspect. This is where the work of a Mastering Producer comes to play. So, before you start roaming around studio doors and pay a hefty amount for things you don’t know about, make sure you try these free tricks.

One thing you must understand is the fact that music is nothing but waveforms, and space on the drawing board is limited. You must make use of this space wisely, and the number of instruments being played must be tuned in unison, or else, there is nothing but noise left.

Avoid using random Mastering software and Sound ionizers, they might just increase and stretch all the frequencies without keeping any account of the noise, which can make the end-product very unbearable.

Whenever a plugin is being used, the effect of using more layers can make that sound heavier. But once again, the layers you use at one time must be in sync with other plugins.

Use your pad sounds very effectively if used well they can fill up the space perfectly but too much of that then it might not make the best choice. Try avoiding different scales in pad sounds to keep the distribution regulated.

Remember, the music is made by the spaces and not the sounds.