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Feel the storm of music in Storm Music Festival

Feel the storm of music in Storm Music Festival

The competition that brings along music, wanderlust, journey and inhabitation ? are on its gratitude to reach you. Unite with thousands of like souls for this actually distinctive musical expertise referred to as Storm that is set to vary the perception of music fests forever. With an exciting mix of national and international Electronic music artists moreover as live acts, you are absolute to have the time of your lives. 

The first-of-its-kind camp-out music pageant in India guarantees to fill you in with much nice music and serenity of nature in its latest version. You will occupy the tents within the pageant grounds, with all the Stormers that make for a rare and extremely real commune expertise. The site is shut enough to the music stages for you to feel connected and your tents, for you to manage that ten minutes shut-eye. Storm so is all concerning music, sociability associate degree and expertise on the far side belief.

The competition started with a vision ? to make an area for oneness... oneness with the surroundings, unity amongst the lovers of all genres of music. Storm is home to the current harmony and thousands of Storm artists who stayed at the Storm fields. This annual out-of-door letter to the wonder of nature so became India’s most authentic camp-out music competition. Never before have had over 1000 similar music lovers stayed along inside the field of a music competition.

Storm may be a concoction of rhythmic Electronic popular music and stirring live acts set in fascinating lush inexperienced outdoors. The competition is already creating its presence felt amongst the calendars of music revelers so much and wide. With beguiling venues, a charged atmosphere and a promise to preserve and respect Mother Nature ? Storm takes the thought of “responsible enjoyment” to a brand new level.

Storm festival is about to held in the city of Bangalore whose dates are not decided yet, but reportedly it may hold in 2nd or 3rd week of July 2017.

The mornings are generous with the sunshine, whereas late evenings have you ever wafting through the lovely haze. The theme and setting of Storm conjointly build it unambiguously extravagant.. You have got to expertise Storm to understand what it very is. Therefore, the real expertise lies within the moments at Storm, not simply the placement, line-up and set or sundry.