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Exclusive Interview With Dj Mash

Exclusive Interview With Dj Mash

When asked about his journey in the world of music, DJ Mash had the following to say.

Mash has been a nick name since I was a child. I started as a DJ in 1997 but the passion of music was inculcated when I was a child. At first I was an avid listener of rock and other genres, the first time I was introduced to electronic music was when someone was playing it once in the gym and I grew closer to it when I attended a party in Goa from there I couldn’t really stop.

I play under several names and I play several genres of electronic music. Under the name Mash, I play House, Progressive House, Techno and commercial.

Under the name Pulse, I play mostly Progressive Psytrance. I also play under the name of Mashter, which is underground Progressive house, Minimal and Tech.

We asked him what he thought about the Delhi music scene.

In terms of the rest of India, I think Delhi is lagging behind. Most of the people here don’t come for the music; they’re there mostly to socialize. I’m still attached to the city because I do have a fan following here who likes my music but compared to Goa, Banglore, Chennai and other cities, Delhi really is lagging. Some of the best artists are coming out of Delhi nowadays however. We asked him who the best artist in the world was. If you ask me, then I'd have to say The Doors.

He was heavily influenced in his genre by Sasha & John Digweed.

I used to listen to them day in and day out. It helped me improve as a DJ and a musician and understand what would work on a dance floor. On being asked what his dream performance would be Mash had the following to say. Playing for maybe a hundred thousand or a million people, with everyone screaming my name. But that’s a dream. For me even a ten person party is a great experience if you have a great connection with them.

I think Yahavi's efforts are great, in terms of artist management and organising collaborations. I think it’s great for upcoming artists because it gives them that exposure they need.