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Eric Martin- The voice of Mr Big

Eric Martin- The voice of Mr Big

I have managed, amongst four different phone calls (work orientated of course), to guzzle down a mouth-watering lime margarita and trying to find space between calls to munch on a now cold burger. It’s 21:53 and I am still seated at my table, alone, waiting for the voice of Mr Big to teach me about it this wild world. 

I must admit to being a bit surprised at the turnout. Off the top of my head I would say there are an average of three people per table (barring mine of course), and about forty standing at the bar, making it a total of about hundred heads barely filling up the Hard Rock Café in Saket.

Suppose once the star of the evening actually decides to actually make his face known, I will know if more guests are going to come in flooding. And of course just as I say that the announcement is made to call forth on those near and maybe slightly far (twenty foot distance would be far to any infant).And there he is. This is weird. Where did he emerge? He hastily makes his way through the scattered crowd, onto the slightly elevated stage, lifts off the guitar from the stand, check, and let’s start.

Two guitars, Mr Martin and one back up dude- whose name I later find out is Marcus and he’s a Sri Lankan from Sweden! An amazing guitarist and back-up vocalist, Mr Martin happened to come across a few weeks back. I like the feel of this; clean, resonating sound with a very mild touch of reverb. Ever note of his voice syncs right up with strum of both semi acoustics. First song done, and here we go. The crowd’s getting in the mood. Everyone’s left their tables, even got a few jumpers out there. Ooh here comes the chorus echo- ‘Daddy, brother, lover, aaannnddd little boy’. Got to love the enthusiasm of the 18 somehing’s. I think I’m going to find my place on the now decently covered stage floor.

All in all, a string-tastic experience, a vocalist’s paradise and a funny act, too. The guy is actually hilarious and just put every single person, in front and behind the bar into a fabulous groove all night long. Who knew this iconic 56 year old would, 26 years after his first major hit single, be able to move and resonate amongst the entire crowd, with nothing but a cherry wood and his voice. It was worth more than just the ticket.


Author: Esra Jung

Image ref: taken at the event