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DJs and the revolution of laptops

DJs and the revolution of laptops
A lot of producers from the 80’s and 90's always look at the current generation of laptop holding Disc Jockey's as a sham. They feel that today's mixing is not true in its essence, since the heavy tools and records are not in the picture. In fact some one legendary like DJ Sneak would say, "if you've never touched a piece of vinyl in your life, you're not a DJ.".

With the advancement of technology and all the high tech DAW’s available on torrent, almost every third person has turned into a Disc Jockey. So, how do you differ from those who are really into it and the ones who are just whacking around?

Supremely it has been a social transition for our generation to get into music production. It has always been 'cool' to play or perform at a party and so everyone decides to get behind the turntable and start jumping. A host of artists, including celebrities like Paris Hilton and music producers of David Guetta league, have been criticized of not working on real mixing or beat juggling but just posing out. In a culture where cake throwing djs turn into mainstream, the definition and priorities of good music certainly changes. 

Disc Jockey and Professor Rob Swift have a very realistic take on it, “Improved technology has also allowed people to take more shortcuts. As a result, aspiring Disc Jockeys are missing out on important techniques and skill sets that they’re not going to learn by taking those shortcuts”.

Now that pretty much sums it up.

But there is no need of any devoid on this topic. With time eventually, all the bad blood will wash out. Heavy criticism of a certain brand of art & artists has never really benefited anyone (the critics, perhaps). Rather, if we focus on the real talents and music while ignoring the idiocy then eventually we will be able to pull out from the distractions and focus on what we should.