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Currents by Tame Impala- Album Review

Currents by Tame Impala- Album Review

Currents is the third album by Australian Psychedelic rock band, Tame Impala. The album was released in July this year, clearly unlike Lonerism (2012) and Innerspeaker (2010), Currents does not exactly sounds like the work of a Psychedelic rock group.

Like the previous two albums, Currents was also written primarily by Kevin Parker. He himself recorded all the instruments and produced the album. For this time, he also mixed the records by himself. Currents is full of superb progressions with nearly an hour of great music. The album contains some of Parker’s most genius riffs, right from the opener, ‘Let it Happen’ till the end by ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’. But provided the fact that he recorded each note and beat by himself, every part of the album carries a typical lushness.

Currents is all too simple to dance to because of the 80s funk haze electro-pop touch, the songs can get intensely moody at times. The band was labelled as a psychedelic band because of the previous two records, but the sound of Currents changed that point of view. The album theme is about the bittersweet heartbreak, from the point of a person who walks away. This might have something to do with the fact that Parker walked out on his partner, Melody Prochet of Melody’s Echo Chamber.

Currents is all about the matters/currents from a wider perspective. Allow that, and it will carry you off somewhere much further away than you could have ever visualized of.