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Creed VS Creed: Who will win?

Creed VS Creed: Who will win?

We have read about the fact about Creed vocalist, Scott Stapp, hitting the bottom of the rocks last year. He was in the middle of a public breakdown and declared on the net he was penniless and was living out in a truck. He also made idiosyncratic comments about his family, while being on drugs and alcohol. Luckily, he is now back on a healthy path and is preparing for the time of his life.

With the initial criticisms of the film Creed (out this Friday) being very positive, the movie studio is racing up a follow-up film to hit theaters later this fall. In the continuation, named Creed vs. Creed, Scott Stapp meets his ultimate battle, as he takes on Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), son of Apollo Creed.

Watch the trailer below, as Scott Stapp (played by Scott Stapp), prepares for the big match while Johnson trains with his father’s onetime opponent, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). It’s a battle for the ages, but only one man can come out on top! Who will be the champion?