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Converting Vegetarian II Review

Converting Vegetarian II Review
The Isreali Psytrance/ Electronica duo has been infecting minds for two decades now and the new album is no exception. This release is a sequel to their previous hit album of 2003, 'Converting Vegetarians' which is further inclined towards Psy-trance. 
Converting Vegetarians (2003) was the artists' fourth studio album and remains one of the most favourite LP for the fans. The disc one of the album, 'Trance Side', contains the trademarked Psytrance sound, but the second disc, 'The Other Side', includes experimental songs, that later paved the way for albums like 'Vicious Delicious' and 'Legend of the Black Shawarma'.
Overall, the album is one of the most ecstatic albums the Techno duo has released since 2003. It is a carefully crafted piece of work, You can have a listen below:
More than a decade later, Infected Mushroom traced themselves back to their roots with their new LP entitled Converting Vegetarians II. The band announced their new album following their Animatronica tour and this time they decided to keep the traditional Psytrance approach and the whimsical tonal music in the album. The fifteen-track offering is an experimental meditation on expertly layered synths, dub, live instrumentation with guitar, piano, and low-key drum fills. It creates a brooding tale with a sense of balance one rarely feels outside the cinema. 
The lead single of the album 'Fields of Grey' debuts vocal duties of Sasha Grey (we all know who she is, right?). The dreamy track delivers a powerful melody before falling into the layered bass drop. Another great song is 'Pink Froid', a tribute to Pink Floyd, keeping in mind the traditional guitar curves with emotional lyrics.
The duo has successfully made an impression on their hard-core fans with Converting Vegetarians ll.