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Coldplay releases new music video of their upcoming album

Coldplay releases new music video of their upcoming album

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Coldplay has released their latest track of their upcoming album, A Head Full of Dreams. But, you may find the band members in their, well, more primordial state.


Here it is! The full video for Adventure Of A Lifetime, the first single from the new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out December 4).

Posted by Coldplay on 27 November 2015

The song, Adventure of a Lifetime, is the first single from their titled album. Teased previously by Beats by Dre, the clip transformed the band members to computer generated chimps.  The quick clip follows a group of chimpanzees that come across a Beats Pill speaker under a pile of leaves. Soon after, the primates feel the power of music and form a band that matches the members of Coldplay. The video is directed by Mat Whitecross, and it took around six months to complete the video.

Coldplay lead singer says:

About three or four years ago, when we decided to go down this road of making a really small, intimate album like Ghost Stories, the idea for A Head Full of Dreams came at the same time. After making this restrained, intimate album, we won’t tour. Maybe we’ll feel like playing with a bit more jubilation.’ It was really fun to make, which is not what we’ve felt before.

The album will come out on 4th December. You can check out the song below: