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Buddha hoga tera heart - Profile of a middle aged audience

Buddha hoga tera heart - Profile of a middle aged audience

I thought let me take her out for a nice dinner, would a candle light dinner suit? Nah! Too much-unwanted attention and those long uncomfortable pauses make it even more awkward. Instead, why not take her to an event? Delhi- NCR has caught a new (gig) fever and no one is complaining. WHY? Because families finding it more interesting than their discussions at home, lovers find a cozy ambience where there is more than just the two and friends, well, they’ve discovered a new meeting point.

Skepticism is how it all began for me as a person who doesn't frequently go to night clubs. Then love struck and as if it wasn't enough marriage struck too and after that there was no escaping the usual “You’re boring” remark. Asking around I landed up at a theatre show at IHC, a contrast from those teenage movie dates. Front seats were better, popcorns were missing and crowd seemed older, made me decide that I was early in the circuit.

Then I saw some advertisement of the gigs happening around - they called it Sufi. My first encounter with it was at a fine dining restaurant in a five star. Things changed from there and changed me along. Having been to multiple places since made me realize few things, Epicentre has shifted from HKV to Connaught Place where there are new places opening here as we speak. The great part of it is that it does not cost any extra to enjoy these gigs and if it does then it probably isn’t worthy, in fact I scout for discounts as lots of brands provide their merchandise free of cost.

The places I personally like the most in and around the area Of Connaught Place are Hybrid, Sura Vie, Cafe Public Connection and Ambrosia Bliss. Starting with this post and over the next few posts I would try to cover the places and activities in Delhi that might be of interest to people. I would however like to mention that these are the perspective of a Middle Aged family guy and might not be applicable to some of the other age groups. 



One of the first places I would start with is

Hybrid - Tolstoy Lane, JanpathHybrid Logo

Open Since - 6 months

Things in its favour are:

Hybrid Terrace

Great event calendar - Starting from Monday to Saturday the place has some or the other event happening. Each day is dedicated to a different genre, and the artist is from Good to Great.

Never out of space - The establishment is humongous, and it can serve 750 to 800 heads at once. The rest-o-bar houses a club area for a cozy dining experience and an open terrace for the diners to enjoy their meal under the stars. The terrace is one of the most exciting and romantic setting in the rest-o-bar as it’s surrounded by a concrete jungle.

Bar - It is well stocked with a variety of mixes, cocktails and mocktails, and extensive range of alcohol is on the deck just for you if you prefer a drink on the rocks. Yes, there are different counters at both levels which reduce the waiting time significantly.

Hybrid at Tolstoy

Food - The variety is good and the taste even better. There are awesome galaoutis and clay over pizza while the Indian combos are something you can enjoy if you are visiting the place with the idea of not cooking at home.

PARKING - CP is one that I refrain from going because of the parking and the elements you see roaming around in those parking. This place though in the neighborhood has far better parking, augmented by a valet service that makes the parking experience a breeze.





Things that miss the target  

West Delhi Crowd - On Saturday evening like most of the venues in CP this place too is flocked mostly by West Delhi Junta. Though I have nothing against them but for a 30 something guy from South Delhi it does not actually work for me to see a crowd that is loud, believes in the power of brands they wear and the cars they drive.

Prices - At rack rates and with the taxes included the costs can tilt towards splurge however I love the happy hours with the prices down by 50%. There are places around that might be more economical, but then the environment, the feel and the live programming makes it an experience far better.

Access - The place is neither on the Outer nor on the Inner Circle, however, is on Tolstoy lane behind Janpath. This makes it difficult to find the place and, therefore, the walk-ins are low however the time you loose on finding the place you more than make up for while parking. Those familiar with Janpath in Delhi can easily reach this place as it is just behind Saravana Bhavan and Shiv Sagar.

Concept - A little confusing for me, but won’t comment more as am sure some people would have a more artistic bent of mind.

Best time to be there

Monday Evenings (1900 to 2100hrs) - Comedy Evening, for some light-hearted moments that are light in your pocket (happy hours) too

Thursday Evening (2200hrs onwards) - Hiten Panwar, Fusion Percussionist, who is currently very popular in Delhi, performs at Hybrid. I found this a little loud but nonetheless was lots of entertainment for many of those who went with me.

Friday Evening (2200hrs Onwards) - There are lots of Indie artists from India and Pakistan who perform here. The likes of Farhan Saeed, Hari Sukhmani, Ali Kuli Mirza etc. have played here in the recent past.

I have heard that there might soon be a Sunday Brunch on offer at the terrace but will only be able to review it once it starts.