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Biography Of Ace Drummer - Vinnie Paul

Biography Of Ace Drummer - Vinnie Paul

Vincent Paul Abbott was born on 11th March 1964. He has a family background in music as both his father and the younger brother are country music songwriters and guitarists respectively. From a very young age, they were exposed and encouraged to pursue music. He is most famous as a former drummer and co-founder of the heavy metal band Pantera which he formed with his brother Dimebag Darrell (aka Diamond Darrell), guitarist, Terry Glaze, bassist, Tommy D. Bradford and vocalist, Donnie Hart in 1981.

Before signing up with a major label, Pantera released four independent albums. In 1990, East West released the group's ‘Cowboys From Hell ‘, which rose to gold status. Featuring metal radio hits like "Cowboys From Hell" and "Cemetery Gates," Cowboys From Hell achieved most of its fame from Pantera's live performances. Vinnie and the gang’s lives were spent on the bus, in the venue, and on stage. They felt that they did it for the youngsters and with all that they had within them. Pantera also played for the Monsters of Rock festival tour, and opened for AC/DC, Metallica and the Black Crowes. They were the smallest band, so their fame could really be seen among all the big bugs.

After Pantera broke up, Vincent Paul Abbott joined another heavy metal band, Damageplan, along with his younger brother, Dimebag. On one of the album promotion tour, his brother was shot dead on stage, soon after leading the disruption of that band as well. At present, he is a member of the heavy metal supergroup, Hellyeah. The influences in his drumming have come from Peter Criss (from Kiss), Tommy Aldridge, Bill Ward, John Bonham, Mikkey Dee, Alex Van Halen and Neil Peart.

His style of drumming and his brother’s guitar playing had given a unique characteristic to playing metal, where his drums played to the symphony of guitar riffs instead of playing on the bass line. Paul is considered the king of thrash metal drumming, back in his Pantera days especially, through the album Vulgar Display Of Power.