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Be A Better Rapper: Make Yourself Heard

Be A Better Rapper: Make Yourself Heard

Freelance rapping is one of the coolest things out there. It is simply spitting out words and lyrics that you make up on the spot. And what we mean is meaningful sentences. Below are some tips that you can use for writing down your own lyrics and spitting it out to your audiences:

Start Easy

There is no need to start rhyming immediately. There is no reason to start with tough words. Use simpler rhyming words to begin things off. The words are kept simple, but you are still freestyling. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to sound stupid. Make your first freestyle rap verses your most stupid verses just to get them out of the way. Keep flowing. Can’t think of a rhyme? Keep flowing! Stutter over words? Keep flowing. It’s inevitable that at some point some of your lines won’t rhyme, won’t make sense, or that you will inadvertently diss yourself. Just keep flowing. If you make a mistake, do your best to incorporate your mistake into your next lines.

Listen to a lot of Raps

To learn how to rap, you will need to drown yourself in that culture. It is a culture that is deeply imbued in city life and culture. You can try listening to famous rappers in the industry and trace their influence back to their foundation and develop your own style of hip-hop. Listen to music from different regions, like the New York Boom Bap type or the West Coast Gangsta’ rap. Try to study the style of rap in your adjacent areas too.

Get into the Rhythm

More than words, it is the rhythm of the music that speaks. If you wish you rap like a pro, you will need to feel the music that runs in your bones, rather than just speaking out the words. If you are not able to coordinate the rap with the music that follows, your words will feel fake and stiff. For practicing, when you are listening to rap, ignore the lyrics and hear the background score. Try to figure how the words flow along the music so easily.

Rap Along

This step is the most fundamental point if you want to learn anything vocal. Memorize your favourite song and rap back again, word after word till you get your tempo and your verses correctly. Do it again and again with confidence. Next, download an instrumental track of the same song and give yourself a go. Notice your mistakes and learn from it again and again. After you perfected the rap, try the same lyrics with another background score with some other tempo. This will help you keep time.

Develop your own style

Once you get comfortable, you can begin with deciding what kind of style would suit you. Then, you can get down to writing lyrics. Write about anything you like. Your life, your career, your dog, anything counts. Try writing, at least, ten rhymes per day. Rap in front of your friends. Show them what you have learnt in the last few days. Ask them for feedback and advice.

Rap A LOT!

Practice makes a man perfect. It practice that will make you a better rapper. Keep a track of all the lyrics you have written, try different styles of raps with those lyrics. Keep listening to more Hip Hop tracks and analyze them. Draw your inspirations from listening from the most famous rapper to the most underground one. Pay attention for keeping your words sharp and distinguishable. Be loud!